Designing new scenarios, stimulating creativity

We combine creativity and rigor, use convergent and divergent thinking, and mobilize the creative minds. Working with you as a team, we form a powerful collective intelligence. Together, we come up with new ideas and creative solutions. We bring up new user experience scenarios, build them up and iterate the process until they are relevant for the users.

Creative workshops

To generate new ideas, create concepts, new brands and new business models. We mix various backgrounds from inside and outside of the organisation, bring fresh insights and create a positive dynamic to exchange and compare views. It participates to unlocking your innovation capabilities.

Open innovation

Crossing the borders of your markets and organisation to share knowledge and build partnerships.
We facilitate collaboration within your ecosystem and beyond: customers and suppliers, business partners and universities.

Scenario method

The idea: put the customer at the heart of the process. Going through each stage of the customer experience from the beginning to the end, and focus on desires, emotions and (in) satisfactions in order to identify and rank the problems - and develop better solutions.

Large scale collaboration

We invite a large number of participants to solve an issue presented as a creative challenge, via an online platform. We help you to build this process to make it effective in the recruitment, moderating and analysis phasis.

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