Open up new horizons

We act as ideas agitators and project catalysts.
We help our clients overcome the obstacles to innovation, design the future and build growth.

Our moto – to be valuable, innovation needs to improve customer experience 

We start from people. We watch them live and behave, investigate how they feel and what they want, and imagine their lives in the future.

We put norms and codes aside and take a fresh look on the customer journey, to open new possibilities and bring up new usages.

We believe in open and shared ideas

Each of us can create new ideas; collaborative thinking enriches and fertilize ideas. Mixing strong collective talents enables to consider and get into new territories. We believe the best ideas nutriment is crosspollination between you and your partners, you and your clients. We act as catalysts and facilitators. We instil unexpected, unconventional, somewhat provocative elements to take you one step further.

An idea is a starting point. Innovation is a journey

Your ideas need to be carried out, worked out, extended and finally challenged by the customers. This is how we turn a concept into a useful, relevant product, service or experience. We help our clients navigate through each stage of complex innovative projects. And we open up their teams to new development processes with growth in mind.

Why us?

We are innovation practitioners  

Passionate about innovation, fuelled by consumer insight and customer journey from beginning to end, we speak your language and we have been through your challenges: build growth whilst securing the core business, move the corporate culture into the digital era, speed up timings, energize your teams and invest in the key projects that will generate future revenues.

We work  hand in hand with you

Upstream, we build a shared vision that will create momentum for innovation in your organization. Downstream, we bring forward our know-how and personalities with your teams’ knowledge and expertise to push your project forward, overcome obstacles and bring the right product to the market.